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January 6, 2018
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January 6, 2018

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There are a lot of iPhone Apps out there and i mean alot. If you use your iPhone or iPod you will what im talking about.

Well i am here to show you the best iPhone apps out there at the moment! some people may agree and some disagree but its my opinion and screw the people that dont agree 🙂

Here we go Number uno!

The Guardian

This app is amazing in fact its so good i even stopped buying the paper and using my iphone instead. Its cleverly programmed making searching for your favorite columnists easy. It clearly sets the standards for mobile news papers!

Number Two

Paddy Power

This app is great if your a full gambler or you just fancy a flutter every now and then. The is well put together making placing bets and depositing extremely easy. I would tell you how good it as at withdrawing money but i have never gotten then far 😀

Number Three

Angry Birds

NO iPhone is to be without this! simply incredible!!!

This app has you busy for hours and its good when you only have a few minutes to spare as it only takes around 30seconds to complete a level.

Number Four


It seems that no celebrity stalker can live without! The app is great to keep intouch and see what all your friends are talking about jarda jarda jarda

Number Five


This app has become extremley popular due to the face you can read books on your iPhone and not just one all of them if you had the time, the fact that you dont need to carry around a book is fantastic however one downside if you lose your phone you have lost all your boooks! (dont do this :D)

These are just 5 of my recommended apps i have alot more i would like to tell you about so your just gonna have to wait until my next article. Alot of you will be thinking that is a terrible list of 5 apps but dont knock them until tried them and i would love to hear what apps you think are good!

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