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January 6, 2018
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January 6, 2018

If there’s a way to get someone to learn, young or old, it’s by making learning fun. There are several educational applications on iPhones that can help one learn while having fun.

Children love to handle toys and have fun with them building up things, throwing them around like balls and discs or toys that they can turn and press to hear sounds or music. As they grow older, children’s minds are expanding and they want to explore everything. Getting then to settle down to listen to a teacher or read a book however may be hard for them to do. Yet it is still possible to get a child to have fun and learn at the same time and that is thanks to free iPhone games that are educational.

These games include subjects like maths, science, reading, English and other subjects. The way these games are programmed is that there are animations and child-friendly voice tutorials that explain to children what things are and how they work. There are also replay buttons so a child can go over something as many times as they need to in order to get it right. Also, the iLessons are interactive; a child can type in questions and get them answered.

iTouchiLearn Words is one of the free educational applications available on iPhones. When the touch screen is touched, pictures appear on the screen and what is on is spelt on the screen or listened to. Just Find World is another game where a child’s ability to pay attention to detail by spotting the differences in pictures. Animal Baby Watch is yet another game where kids get to match the picture of a baby animal to its adult match as well as hear the sounds it makes. Froggy Math and Build a Word Lite are other fun learning games for kids. Odds and evens, which teaches kids to differentiate between odd and even numbers is yet another educational free iPhone game.

To reinforce what is being learnt and continue to hold a child’s attention, there are games a child can play that relate to the material that has been learnt. There are also quizzes where questions are asked and scores are given. A child is encouraged to maintain good scores or improve low ones by going through material again and taking the quiz again or getting rewards in form of other free games.

There are also free iPhone games for learning languages. A child can improve their English and learn foreign languages like Spanish, French, Italian and Chinese. They are taught how to read and write in foreign languages using spoken and written instructions so that they can also learn the correct way to pronounce words.

On all counts, an iPhone, with its superior technology, sleek appearance, features and applications is not only a smart investment for yourself but also for improving your child’s smarts.

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